About Me



Hello! I am an Internet Marketer & Web developer from New Delhi, India. A graduate in Commerce from Delhi University. I have been addicted to the vast world of Internet and technology ever since I first got to use the “internet”. It all started with my active participation in web forums related to Web Designing and digital marketing. I started freelancing, where I created WordPress/HTML/CSS/JS based websites for users. I love clean & minimal design! And yes, I blog every now and then too! Do checkout my Instagram. Feel free to contact me, Cheers!

What keeps me busy?

Internet Marketing & Web Development

Sharpening my web development & digital marketing skills!

Chartered Accountancy Course

Preparing for my Chartered Accountancy exams!

Photography & Gaming

When all is said and done, you will find me either with a camera in my hand or my gaming controller!

What Am I Good At?

Stuff I Write

The Four Seals – Why Buddhism makes sense?

The four seals were spoken by Buddha himself. It is considered that one is a Buddhist if he or she accepts the following four truths

Basics : User Experience (UX)

User experience is all around us – not just limited to apps/websites. A design should always be focused on function rather than purely form. 1.

Design Fundamentals

Color Theory (Short notes) We are able to see different colors and associate different feelings with it. Red : Love – Energy – Intensity Yellow

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