The first smart watch that I ever used was the Pebble, after that I purchased the LG G Watch and now I was really excited to try out the Apple Watch.! It took forever for my watch to ship as I had ordered probably the most popular model and color! The 42 mm space grey sports model. So now that I have played with this watch for quite a while, these are the things that I love about my Apple Watch!


1. The design / Look and Feel

At first when Apple actually announced the Apple watch I was not really happy to see a square display, I was more drawn towards the round display of the Moto 360! But you seriously have to see this thing in person to really feel the quality of this product. The built quality is awesome and it feels really premium. Not to mention its beautiful screen. The pixels really pop out and although the screen itself is quite tiny, everything is easily readable and it contributes to a more enjoyable experience.

2. Time

The main function that any watch needs to perform is to tell the time, and the Apple watch nails this one. The best part about the watch is the way it responds to my movement and wakes up the display. There have been certain occasions where the watch just doesn’t respond to my movement but again, this is a first generation product and considering that, this is a pretty great start.

3. Digital Crown

This is something which apple felt really proud at the keynote! and now I can understand why.. this is an amazing way to interact with your watch.. you can easily scroll through text messages.. zoom into photos.. and double tap it to open the previous app you were on.. .. I have found myself tapping on the screen less and using the crown more.. and that is good.. because now my giant thumb and fingers don’t really hide the screen that much.

4. Battery Life

The battery life on this thing is amazing! Last night my watch had around 30% battery left, which is quite good considering that it has a full colored display. Don’t get me wrong. the battery life is no where near what the pebble smartwatch offers but both the companies have different strategies. Apple has always sacrificed battery life for a slimmer and lighter design and here they are sacrificing battery life for a beautiful colored display!

5. Force Touch

Force touch is a completely new way to interact with your watch. You can now press the screen harder to change your watch face or to browse through other options available in various apps, right now this might not seem a big deal to many of you but think about this for a second! This is a completely new way to interact with your device and this will change a lot of things in the tech world as more and more developers and manufacturers pick up this new method.

Now. A couple of things that I don’t like about the Apple Watch

1. The Price

The watch that I am reviewing right now will cost your around 400$ . Now this raises a very valid question. Is the watch really worth it? Honestly. I don’t think so! The apple watch definitely stands out and its definitely better than most of the smartwatches out there but honestly I don’t feel that the 400$ price tag is justified!

2. Apps

Almost all the apps available to download for the apple watch are useless. There is nothing more to say about this. Apps like Instagram pull data from your phone and then display it on your watch and hence they take quite a lot of time to load. Of course the loading time for many apps will drastically improve once watchOS 2 comes out but for now it feels as if these apps simply have no purpose at all!

Almost all the things that I do on my Apple Watch, can easily be done on my iPhone. I personally feel that smartwatches in general have a long way to go……



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