Every day is a new day. Well, quite literally. Everyday we wake up, we start with some brain capacity to get through the day.
Since that capacity is limited each day, it’s our responsibility to spend our brain cycles in the best way possible.

Do we spend our brain cycles on petty & frivolous stuff? Or do we spend it on more important areas like our health, passion, family & loved ones.

Our time is limited. So when we use our brain cycles to fret about stuff like that time we fought with our friend, or that time when ‘Sally’ broke your heart? Or the fact that fries are so damn irresistible. Then, we have a lot fewer brain cycles left for the stuff that’s actually important. The stuff that will actually make your life better.

Thinking about the stuff mentioned above is human. But doing it again & again is a waste of our energy, unless it leads to a productive action or makes us feel better in any way.

Everyday we have a choice to make. With each thought we have, there is a choice to be made.

So save your brain cycles for the more important things in life.

Don’t sweat the small stuff!



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