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The basics – Adding labels & images.

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This post will be probably very boring, but I did not want to miss the first day – hence I am still writing this. Although, everything I did today was pretty basic. I have mentioned some important takeaways below-:

Model View Controller.

Only about 2-3 minutes were spent discussing this but it will be covered in a later section of the course. Right now what I gathered was -:

View refers to the what the user actually gets to see on his/her screen.

Controller handles what to do when the button is pressed.

Model contains the logic and performs the calculations.

Data – Actual data

Shortcuts worth remembering -:

Cmd + D : Duplicate the label/object selected.

Cmd + = : Label/Object resized to display  itself in entirety.

Placing Elements -:

X axis – Horizontal Placement

Y axis – Vertical Placement

Pixel (Picture element) a single dot in your image.

Pt (Point) is a unit of length, 1pt is equal to 1/72th of an inch.



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