We take several decisions everyday, yet somehow we feel that only some of them are important. Let me break it down for you – every decision you take is VERY important, no matter how irrelevant or small it might feel. Just ask yourself a simple question before taking every decision. WHY?  – That is it. Just ask yourself WHY? Why am I going to watch this movie? Why am I wasting time surfing Facebook? Why am I watching this TV series? Why am I going out for drinks with my friends instead of hitting the gym?

Do all these tasks help you in achieving your goals/dreams? Is the answer to the WHY strong enough? If yes, then go ahead and do it. But if the answer is NO, I would suggest that you indulge in things that will help you in realising your dreams. Ofcourse, I am not asking you to be a robot who works all day. I am just asking you to Find out the Why! Try to get the most out of every situation. If you are going out for a movie, make sure you have earned it. Make sure that you deserve it.

No matter whatever you do throughout the day, if you ask yourself WHY before doing it – I can bet that you will abort many of the things you were about to do. And that my friend is time saved, which can be utilised in doing something that will take you closer to your goals.

The WHY should be strong. Very strong. Because this WHY will always motivate you and will help you in staying focused when the chips are down.



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