Recently I have been trying to juggle too many things at a time, which lead to the creation of various to-do lists – on various platforms (Facebook, Evernote, etc). This pattern created a lot of confusion in my head. It always feels like I have to get so much done, but I am never able to get anything done. Even though a lot of times I was able to churn out a productive day and strike some of those to-do tasks, I always felt that something is missing. Hence, I have now decided to record a list of all the things that I want to get done on a single page + my progress. I feel that putting it out in public domain will help me with the accountability factor, and perhaps I will maintain the list in a much better and organized manner.

The idea to create the “Impossible List” came from Thomas Frank’s youtube video.

I really liked the idea behind it. Documenting the stuff you really want to, no matter how impossible/childish/stupid/vague it may sound. The only factor important is that YOU want to do it. So here is my list, and I encourage you to create yours.


 “To the person who does not know where he wants to go there is no favorable wind.”

Last 5 Completed Goals

Find & Join a Boxing Class for improving my Fitness.

Visited Bhutan

Cleared CA IPCC.

– Creative Graphic Design Course



  Create a Exercise Schedule/Join a Boxing class (Ongoing)

Run a 10K marathon

Run a 20K marathon



– Start a social media brand – SocialGrowl

– Podcast

– Videos, like I have already created

– Sell products via TeeSpring


– Learn to create motion graphics.

– Take up a course – Video Editing.

– Design an awesome logo from scratch.



– Successfully Complete a Graphic Design Course

– Create a JS – HTML/CSS Based Small Game with awesome UI/UX.

– Create a minimal & simple WordPress theme for Blogging.



– Landour City, Uttarakhand

– Visit Dubai Again

– Visit Nepal

– Visit New York

– Visit Nagaland, India

–  Visit Bhutan (December – 2017)


Life Goals

– Be self sufficient + run a business which can be managed from anywhere.

– Complete CA IPCC (January, 2018)

– Complete CA Finals.

– Help others around me and beyond, reach their full potential.


– Skydiving.

– Rafting.

– Camping.

– Bungee jumping.

– Learn Swimming.

– Triund Trekking