Starting & stopping at yourself. It’s the differences between the two school of thoughts -:

It’s not working” v/s “How do I make it work?

I can’t afford it” v/s “How do I afford it?

Let me explain.

When I say Start & Stop at yourself what I mean is always find a way and take full responsibility. In most situations, we don’t have control over the external forces. We can’t change the government decisions, we can’t change business laws, we can’t change other peoples behaviour. Only thing we can do is use our mind to tweak our actions accordingly and take full responsibility of what’s happening around us. I found this to be one of the most liberating feeling. Our natural reaction to any roadblock in life is to blame something or the other. I failed because the exam was tough, I could not prepare due to blah blah blah and the list goes on. This sort of a behaviour is doing nothing but giving us the cushion of our made up excuse. But once you just take it upon yourself, no matter what the circumstance is, you are freed from any external force impacting the outcome. I failed because I did not prepare properly, there must have been some issue with the way I approached it. There you go – now the you can’t shift the responsibility on some other factor. Only you are responsible for it and this will force your mind to think of a solution. Whereas blaming something/someone else ends that process. It tricks your mind into thinking – It’s not my fault, hence it’s not my job to find a solution.

Hence, it just makes sense to Start & Stop at Yourself.

Inspiration for this article : Rich Dad Poor Dad & GaryVee.


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