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Taking a breather! – Practicing what I’ve learned.

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Phew! So I started this course on 20th November and It was a smooth ride up until now. Till now I had no issues in grasping the concepts and I was able to understand everything pretty easily. The complexity of the course keeps on increasing and I feel I should now take a break and review everything that I’ve learned earlier before continuing. Currently I got stuck while understanding Protocols and delegates.

Hence I have decided to take a break and revise everything I have learned till now and create a couple of simple apps using those concepts. I’ve given myself a target – I want to revise create those 2 simple apps till 23rd December. After that I’ll resume the course!

Topics that I’ve covered till now :

  1. Interacting with Xcode – Placing UI elements and editing them.
  2. Manipulating UI elements using Code. (Labels, Images, Buttons etc)
  3. Variables, Constants & Functions
  4. Arrays
  5. Conditional Statements
  6. Loops
  7. Playing sound in Swift
  8. Do / Catch statement
  9. Classes & Objects.
  10. Model View Controller
  11. Initializers, Enumeration & Inheritance
  12. Protocols & Delegates


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