There is huge difference in being busy and actually being productive. Recently, I have been having trouble managing my tasks & time. It’s mostly due to lack of proper planning but anyways, I was always “busy”.

Then I stumbled upon  The 80/20 rule.

“In any field of venture, 80% of results come from 20% of actions”

I came across this while reading The 4 Hour Workweek.

It really helped me organise my thoughts and gain perspective. The 80-20 rule basically asks you to focus on the following 2 questions:

1. What 20% sources/actions are causing 80% of the issues and roadblocks you are facing?

2. What 20% sources/actions are resulting in 80% of your achievements?

It was hard for me to actually think deeply about these questions, but it was worth it. I would recommend that you try it out too.

Focusing on these questions forced me to prioritize & pin point the actions which actually matter. It helps you filter out the noise.

“being busy is a form of laziness – lazy thinking and indiscriminate action… lack of time is actually lack of priorities.”


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