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Flinch :

To draw back or shrink from what is dangerous, difficult or unpleasent.

The flinch is everywhere – the awkward breakup talk, a client meeting, that job interview or the first time you talk to your crush.

Everyday we make decisions based on the flinch. We avoid discomfort, unpleasant conversations, tough situations & the list goes on.

Every time we are presented with something uncomfortable – we flinch. Flinch is not just a physical reaction. A lot of times it’s just internal. For example, a couple of days ago – I was browsing through my syllabus & realised how far behind I am. I realised how deep in shit I was. Anyways, I flinched. I saw the monster & I ran away. I ran away from the pain back into my safety net.

Facing the flinch is acknowledging the things that scare you or are hard – but doing them anyway. No matter whatever you’ve achieved in your life – you have done that because you overcame the flinch. You saw the monster & still you moved forward. You won’t always win from it. You might get scarred, but in the end it will all be worth it. Because if we continue to give into the flinch – we will never grow. We will never find out what’s on the other side. We will never learn the lessons behind that flinch.

The only take away here is – to accept the flinch & overcome it. We will always flinch, it’s human nature. But what we do in the very next moment decides the impact we have on the world & on those around us. The flinch might come to you in various sizes & shapes. Sometimes it’s talking to a stranger, sometimes it’s jumping off a plane, sometimes it might be leaving your job or changing careers.

So don’t give a f*ck about that flinch & whatever it is – do it anyway.


“Your world becomes a series of obstacles to overcome, instead of attacks you have to defend yourself from”


Inspired by The Flinch

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