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“Work expands to fill the time available for its completion”


It’s easy to lose track of time & get lost in a project.

Timebox your projects and tasks. Fix a specific amount of time you’ll spend on that task/project, have a hard stop deadline.

“I’ll work on this task for 3 hours, no more.”

This not only helps you accomplish that task sooner but also helps you focus better. Like a sick game against time where each second counts!

Sometimes I break down a project into a number of smaller tasks & assign a time limit for each set of tasks.

This way you force yourself to fight for your time & get shit done more effectively & efficiently. It’s like a dedicated time slot. Uninterrupted – pure.

Also, to really make this work you should have a distraction free area where you can work peacefully without interruptions. Dedicate an area specially for your work, this can be like your head office where everything is done!

Tools I use for TimeBoxing

  • Trello – To organise the projects & list of all tasks, no matter how small they are.
  • Pomodoro Timer – Fix the amount of time devoted for your focused session. You can also use a classic stopwatch. Doesn’t really matter.
Here’s a screenshot of my Trello board where I’ve divided all tasks. I know it’s a bit untidy, but gets the job done 😛
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