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“Are you ready for the fire? We are firemen. WE ARE FIREMEN! The heat doesn’t bother us. We live in the heat. We train in the heat. It tells us that we’re ready, we’re at home, we’re where we’re supposed to be. Flames don’t intimidate us. What do we do? We control the flame. We control them. We move the flames where we want to. And then we extinguish them.” – Teddy Atlas

If this doesn’t fire you up. I don’t know what will. The popular boxing trainer Teddy Atlas gave this mini speech to pep up his fighter, while they were right in the middle of a boxing match.

You become relentless when being relentless is the only way. Not just in the boxing ring, this pep talk is valid for all walks of life. Could be the exam you’re about to face, the business meeting that you’re about to enter, a new path you’re about to take & and the list goes on.

You find a way, when you have to. It’s like magic. When the deadline is near, everything seems to fall in place. In reality, nothing has changed – you just don’t have another option & hence you find a way to do it.

Bottom Line : Always remember, that we’re ‘Firemen’. Whether you’re going through tough times or dealing with something that seems insurmountable. Remember, that “the heat doesn’t bother us.”. You become relentless when being relentless is the only way.

Meanwhile, go watch Teddy Atlas giving the “Firemen” pep talk below!

Prateek Katyal

Prateek Katyal

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  • Shoroq says:


    I saw your work on pexel and i liked one of your designs I’m wondering if i can use one of your photographs for my music

    Thank you

    • Prateek says:

      Hi Shoroq,

      Glad you liked the photographs!
      Please feel free to use any photograph I’ve uploaded on Pexels. Do share your music with me once you’re done 🙂

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