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Consider this. So you’re a nation. As a nation you need to have rules and a certain code. And the moment you become your own authority, you became the sole care taker of your life. You become in charge of literally everything that happens in your life.

  • Consider other people as other nations.
  • And your friends & family are your neighbouring nations. So as a nation, it makes sense to have good relations with them.
  • You are the president of your nation & your rules/code act as the constitution.

But what happens when someone attacks your nation? You defend it. You protect it. You never give anyone authority of your nation.

Self control/discipline is the security force/army of your nation which is responsible for making sure that you abide by your rules and way of life. Self-respect is the happiness index of your nation, you experience it when self control does it’s job well.

Your ego is the opposition party which wants “the best”. Without actually knowing what the “best” is. So it’s ideal to use your ego wisely to improve your life and stay ahead. But never completely give into your ego.

Inspired by : Rudest Book Ever by Shwetab Gangwar (If you liked reading this, I highly recommend you buy this book! ‘You’re a nation’ is on of the chapters in this very book which goes into much more detail)
Prateek Katyal

Prateek Katyal

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