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Basics : User Experience (UX)

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User experience is all around us – not just limited to apps/websites.
A design should always be focused on function rather than purely form.

1. The user should be able to complete the task for which he had downloaded the app super fast. Ex – : If your app gives live bitcoin price – it should show that as soon as the app launches. No beating around the bush and wasitng the users time.

2. Always ask for permission from the user.

3. Think deeply about what is your target audience & how your users will actually use it.

4. If you are having any doubts – Always choose FUNCTION over FORM.

5. Be consistent with your deisgn/functionality throughout the app.

6. Ask yourself, can you make the functionality/design simpler? The end product should be simple for the user to use and yet it should serve its full purpose.

7. Don’t make life difficult for the users.

8. It should be intuitive. It should be really easy for users to understand how your app works and how to go about it without you having to teach them. (For the most part.)

9. Don’t make your users feel stupid – Don’t add useless popups re-confirming actions. Let your users breathe. (Example -: When you add something to your cart @ a shopping website it shows you a popup that item added to card – continue shopping etc.)


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