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We’ve expectations from virtually everything. Our parents, our partners, a sports game, episode of your favorite TV show & the list goes on.

Why did they text you back so late? Why didn’t they call you back? Why did that episode suck so bad?

All of these questions arise because we had ‘Expectations‘. We had already created a story in our heads. And when that story gets f*cked. We get pissed.

Save Yourself the Agony. Stop Expecting. I had read this quote somewhere & since then it has stuck with me.

Prepare for the worst, while allowing for the best.

You are not expecting the best. You’re just allowing things to be. And ofcourse, while you’re at it – just be prepared for a shit storm. Because you never know when it’s gonna come.

And guess what. When you don’t expect shit & you get something good – SURPRISE. And when it turns out to be shit, well you were prepared for it anyway.

Bottom line : Stop Expecting shit. Nobody owes you anything. Keep doing your thing.

Prateek Katyal

Prateek Katyal

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