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Remember when we were kids? No one gave a fuck about what the word “passion” meant. We just did things. We tried different stuff, some of us even ate dirt. Anyway, we kept all the things we liked & left the stuff that sucked. It was simple. We did not ask ourselves 100 questions before trying something.

I remember when I was 13 & I started tinkering with websites. Was I passionate about it? I did not give two shits about the word “passion” back then. I just tried & experimented. I never thought about the bad consequences it might have or even the benefits for that matter. I just tried different things until I figured out what works.

I loved playing cricket. We used to play it almost everyday during our summer holidays. One fine day, I found a couple of hockey sticks lying around in my house. What happened next? Fuck cricket today – instead all of us played hockey. Guess what, it sucked & I’ve never touched that hockey stick again. None of us enjoyed it & we were back to playing cricket the next day.

What’s the point? We tried. No one thought if “it’s the right thing to do” or if  “we were passionate” about it. None of that bullshit. We just did it.

I guess we need to let that kid take over again every now and then. Stop trying to find your “passion” & just do it. I am guilty of it too, overthinking about what my passion is & feeling stuck. Infact, this post is also a reminder for me.

“A reminder that too much analysis leads to paralysis.”

So the thing that popped up in your head after reading this. Yes, that. Go Do That.


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Prateek Katyal

Prateek Katyal

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