Being kind is underrated. Today, I was walking towards my car when a man stopped me & asked “Can you help me?”. Immediately my guard was up. Having spent a lot of time in New Delhi, I had heard of multiple scams which started in a similar fashion. But something in me thought otherwise. I asked him “What happened?” . He pointed at his motorbike and started explaining that it had malfunctioned and that he had forgotten his wallet, hence he would be unable to pay for the repairs. In short, he asked me if I could give him 200 Indian rupees.

I paused for a bit & glanced at him. His shirt was full of dirt & stains. He looked tired. I asked him to relax & gave him the 200 Rs. He smiled, took a deep breath & thanked me. He told me that I was the 12th person he had asked for help. He also asked for my phone number, as he wanted to return the money as soon as possible. I asked him to just relax and not bother about returning the money.

After a couple of hours, when I thought about what had happened – It felt good.

What if it was actually a scam? What if he was a con artist? Who gives a sh*t?

I realized that no matter what you do, eat, buy, have – being kind to someone is the best feeling ever. I also realized how underrated kindness is & how it always feels good. Whether you are dealing with your client, mom, sibling or a random stranger – kindness is always the right path.

In this day & age, some people might confuse kindness with weakness but it’s simply not true. Recently, I had also noticed one of my friend being really kind to a waitress. I was a mere spectator, and It still felt right. Kindness is like magic. It instantly makes you feel good.


“Kindness is more important than wisdom, and the recognition of this is the beginning of wisdom.”


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