Gotchya! I don’t know what’s the next best thing. Instead, I am going to bore you with some inspirational shit. Hear me out.

We seem to be always looking for the “next thing”. The next vacation, the next travel destination, the next great sports game, the next great party and so on. But there is no “next one”. What matters is right infront of us & around us. As we go through the daily tasks of our “ordinary” life, we tend to gravitate towards the “next one” which would make our life more interesting. I am guilty of it too. However, I’ve realised that it’s a trap. It’s a cycle.


The next vacation/thing grabs our attention -> wait for it -> mini-fantasize about it -> get excited for it -> enjoy it -> get back to our daily life & our mind -> Repeat (cue – the next thing)


Don’t get me wrong. There is no harm in being excited for something, but why don’t we act the same way in case of our daily life? Why do we have to pin our hopes on “some future event”. The solution is just one word – Gratitude.


Every moment happens twice: inside and outside, and they are two different histories. - Zadie Smith Click To Tweet


Once we look at our “ordinary life” through the lens of gratitude, we aren’t bothered about what’s next. We’ll be too busy in enjoying what’s now. The fact that I can sit here, sip my green tea & write this post is amazing. As GaryVee said – The odds of becoming a human are 400 trillion : 1. Even if one person reads this, I am thrilled! The very fact that I am a human and not a fucking tree is awesome.


TLDR : The next vacation won’t cut it. When all is said and done, we are back to our mind, our thoughts. The only way we can appreciate what’s now instead of what’s next is by practicing gratitude. The very fact that you are alive and reading this is awesome. Do more, seek more & always look to improve – but always remember that what you have right now is precious.


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