Today, while I was writing down my tasks/goals for the coming 3-4 months – I had a hard decision to make. I had to choose between 2 drastically different paths, and I wanted to choose both. After spending a couple of hours thinking about both the outcomes, I finally decided to defer one of those goals. My inspiration for this came from a GaryVee video, where he explains the importance of having Micro Speed & Macro Patience.

I realised that I was lacking patience. In my head I was thinking, it’s now or never (which can be a good thing in certain cases). But I was wrong in this case. You have to be patient.

Micro speed is basically hustling and getting shit done which is important in the current moment & Macro patience is trusting the process & understanding that it will all work out if we continue to make the required effort.

When something does not feel right, we need to take quick decisions to resolve the issue. But somehow we all have the tendency to wait & hope for everything to magically fall into place.

So – for all of you like me,  who have so many goals & aspirations – you cannot do it in one day/month/year. It takes micro speed & taking repeated action + macro patience & enjoying the process.

“Never give up on your dream just because of the time it will take to accomplish it. The time will pass anyway.”


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