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“How you already have what it takes to succeed?”

It’s so easy to look at the things we don’t have. The opportunities we missed. But what about the unfair advantage we do have?

Everyone has different strengths and weaknesses. Different circumstances that they can take advantage of. Something that others cannot replicate easily, is your advantage.

We all have our own unfair advantages in some way or the other.

The MILES Framework

Intelligence & Insight
Location & Luck
Education & Expertise

Being at the right place at the right time, having access to a network of people that can help you, having the ability to bootstrap your own project etc. You can use the “MILES” framework to figure out what unfair advantages you might have in certain areas.

The author Hasan also gives the example of how something that might seem like a disadvantage can actually be turned into an unfair advantage. Restrictions lead to creativity. They force you to figure out an option. Similarly for a well funded company who has a healthy amount of funds & is looking to acquire new customers. The first thing that would come to their mind is to start paid ads on Facebook/Google etc. Whereas in case of a company struggling with money, they’re forced to think of more innovative ways to acquire customers. Which in-turn would lead to a better strategy in the long run.

One thing they also wrote about is the idea of luck. And I completely agree with it. The more action you take, create & share more stuff. The more you’ll find yourself being “lucky”. Luck is when opportunity meets preparation.

Most importantly, any of the unfair advantages that you have will only be helpful if you use them. If you put in the work.

Whatever situation you are in right now. You have some unfair advantages, identify them! Double down on your strengths. And of course, take action.

This post is inspired by “The Unfair Advantage: How You Already Have What It Takes to Succeed
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