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This post is about switching off that autopilot mode for a few days. It’s about unf*cking yourself.

It’s easy to loose touch some of your deepest motivations, stuff that lights a fire in your belly. It’s easy to get lost in the daily routine. I love this time of the year, not because of the winters though. Winters suck. I love it because as the year comes to an end, we start analysing how it went subconsciously. We start preparing our own report card.

Let’s just add a few more things to your report card. Unf*cking yourself only requires two simple steps:

  1. Stop Doing What You Are Currently Doing : Particularly look at the stuff you’re doing daily that is f*cking you up. This might be a bad habit of smoking, negative self talk, a job you’re stuck in or whatever. Dig deep & make a list of things you know aren’t healthy for you. This way, you’ll at least acknowledge & let your brain know that – “hey, this stuff is bad“.
  2. Start Doing Things That Will Propel You Forward : Be relentless here. Most of us know exactly what we should be doing or what we want to do. The only problem is that we either lack the game plan to execute it OR we’re simply not starting due to a gazillion reasons (read excuses). Either way, outline some basic things that you should be doing to propel you forward. Even if it means making 1% progress. 1 > 0

As I’ve always felt, it’s just a mental switch. Go flip that switch.

Inspired by Unf*ck Yourself.
Prateek Katyal

Prateek Katyal

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